After spending time in API docs, I wanted to point out what makes a good and easy API document for a new programmer.

When working on my GitHub and Google Sheets I read through the API documentation and trying to find what I needed. While both documents were quite informative…

I’ve been brushing up on my react and this is something that I never really understood about React and what it was for. Recently, I did some reading and studying to better understand these concepts in React.

What is Component Lifecycle?

Each component goes through a lifecycle Mounting, Updating, and Unmounting.

For example, let’s…

I’ve been trying to start on this project since the idea came to fruition but I have been having some trouble with reading the documentation and where to start.

I didn’t know reading API documentation was so difficult. I feel like there are a lot of words I don’t understand and how to navigate the API documentation. I think spending a lot of this time I haven’t actually gotten to coding the project. At this point I believe I will just start the process.

I decided to take on a new project that would import my weekly commits total across all repos to GoogleSheets. There are two reason that I wanted to tackle this project.

  1. Learning and solidifying my knowledge around APIs
  2. Upon graduating a bootcamp I have to manually enter the data even…

Before I thought React was just written a specific way and was used to it but I didn’t realize that React can written very differently compared to the usage of JSX.

JSX is a Javascript Extension and allows to write React in a way that looks like Javascript and HTML…

Since I was working on a React project I need to review how React works down to the basics of Props and State.


First, let’s talk about what is Prop. Props allow us to pass values into our components, which can be a string, an array, functions, and so on…

Today, I want to discuss the differences between these three since I ran across them during one of my studies. All of these are methods of requesting data using Javascript.


This method is one of the older methods of out of the three and was used prior to Fetch. What…

I was reviewing some old material in my curriculum and came across the term hoisting. By definition, hoisting means to pull or raise something up, so how does this apply to Javascript?

In Javascript, this concept is applied to your declarations, variables and pulls them all to the top of…

Last week I was helping a friend out in their final project from bootcamp and I came across React Routes. …


I enjoy long naps on the couch, deep conversations about video games, and romantic dinners with anime.

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